The validated effort test for monitoring physical reserves  and vitality capacity 

in less than 5 minutes

Validated Effort Test 

1. Muscle strength - maximal grip strength test

2. Muscle endurance - fatigue resistance test

3. Self perceived fatigue - questionnaire

as a biomarker for a person's physical reserves
and vitality capacity as defined by the WHO 

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Can be used for


Monitor and proactively identify a decrease in physical reserves and vitality before it becomes perceptible to the individual.


Monitor & optimize recovery after a health stressor such as an intervention, surgery, or disease.


 Monitor and assess the therapeutic effectiveness of interventions, including medication, nutrition, physical therapy, and coaching.

The Eforto sy​stem    

Eforto® device

 Ergonomic bulb

 Lightweight (100g)

 Auto-calibration before every usage  

Eforto® Connect App

 Validated test protocol

 Interactive guided self-test

 Results with normative color coding  

Remote Monitoring

 Track long-term evolution

 Privacy and security by design

 Data export and Interoperability 

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