The first validated effort test for monitoring Vitality Capacity* in less than 5 minutes

* As defined by WHO: Vitality Capacity is a physiological state ... reflected in the level of 
  (1) energy and metabolism, (2) neuromuscular function, and (3) immune and stress responses.

Eforto® is the first solution designed to monitor 

1. Muscle strength - maximal grip strength test

2. Muscle fatigability - fatigue resistance test

3. Self perceived fatigue - questionnaire

as biomarkers for Vitality Capacity* as defined by the WHO 

*Vitality Capacity is a physiological state ... reflected in the level of (1) energy and metabolism, (2) neuromuscular function, and (3) immune and stress responses.

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Eforto® is the first validated solution to monitor key biomarkers of Vitality Capacity as defined by WHO 

1. Energy and metabolism: Muscle fatigability and Self-perceived fatigue​

2. Neuromuscular function: Grip strength, an essential biomarker for overall strength

With a validated test protocol in less than 5 minutes

We enable Healthy Ageing with insightful metrics


Proactively monitor and detect a decline in physical reserves and vitality capacity before the person starts feeling or reporting it. Allowing a timely intervention before the onset of frailty or dependency.


Use objective biomarkers of Vitality Capacity to monitor rehabilitation, tracking individual responses and recovery across various treatments, medications, nutrition plans, physical therapy, and coaching,.

Clinical Research

Enrich your research with accurate data on muscle strength and fatigability as biomarkers for overall strength, inflammation, bone mineral density, risk for fractures and falls, malnutrition, cognitive impairment, depression, sleep problems, diabetes, multimorbidity, and quality of life.

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The Eforto System

The Eforto system is designed to monitor grip strength, muscle fatigability and self-perceived fatigue as biomarkers for Vitality Capacity in prevention, rehabilitation, and clinical research. The Eforto System consists of a portable, user-friendly dynamometer which seamlessly connects to the Eforto mobile app for interactive guided self-tests, enabling both self-monitoring ay home or caregiver-assisted assessments.

Our fully digital system captures and stores data securely on our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platform for reporting, with integration options for data exchange. Continuous improvements to our algorithms through machine learning and an expanding library of tests ensure the Eforto system remains future-proof.

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Eforto® device

This next generation dynamometer is designed for older adults. Weighing just 100 grams, it's light enough for even the weakest individuals. Its ergonomic grip and bulb form make it superior for assessing muscle fatigability. The medical-grade pressure sensor and auto-calibration before each use, ensures precise results. Plus, it can perform up to 100 tests on a single battery charge. The Eforto device is compatible with multiple mobile apps.
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Eforto® connect app

Experience hassle-free use with our Eforto mobile app’s Pair and Play feature. Enjoy auto-pairing and auto-reconnect via Bluetooth for seamless test sessions. The app provides a validated interactive self-test, guiding you through our maximal effort test in under 5 minutes, computing grip strength, grip work, and CPV ratio—key biomarkers for Vitality Capacity. Perfect for remote self-monitoring at home or caregiver-assisted assessments. 

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Our Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platform tracks long-term evolution for prevention and rehabilitation with security and GDPR privacy by design. Key features include:

  • Storage of data for analytics and monitoring
  • Automatic calculation of vitality capacity parameters
  • Compare with other biomarkers gathered via the RPM platform
  • API for data exchange and integration with other systems

This platform ensures secure, accurate, and comprehensive health monitoring. 

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Eforto® device

 Ergonomic and lightweight (100g)

 Superior measurements

 Auto-calibration before every usage


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Eforto® Mobile App

 Validated test protocols

 Interactive guided effort tests

 Results with normative color coding  

The Eforto Connect App is an Eforto® certified App.

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Remote Monitoring

 Track long-term evolution

 Privacy and security by design

 Data export and Interoperability 

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