The first validated effort test for monitoring Vitality Capacity* in less than 5 minutes

* As defined by WHO: Vitality Capacity is a physiological state ... reflected in the level of 
  (1) energy and metabolism, (2) neuromuscular function, and (3) immune and stress responses.

Eforto® is the first validated solution to monitor 

1. Muscle strength - maximal grip strength test

2. Muscle fatigability - fatigue resistance test

3. Self perceived fatigue - questionnaire

as biomarkers for Vitality Capacity* as defined by the WHO 

*Vitality Capacity is a physiological state ... reflected in the level of 
(1) energy and metabolism, (2) neuromuscular function, and (3) immune and stress responses.

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Eforto® is the first validated solution to monitor key biomarkers of Vitality Capacity as defined by WHO 

1. Energy and metabolism: Muscle fatigability and Self-perceived fatigue​

2. Neuromuscular function: Grip strength, an essential biomarker for overall strength

With a validated test protocol in less than 5 minutes

We enable Healthy Ageing with insightful metrics

Our mission

 We enable healthy longevity by making monitoring physical reserves and vitality capacity available to everyone.

Clinical Research

Enhance your clinical research with Eforto: easily collect WHO-defined biomarkers, perform validated assessments, and enable remote self-monitoring. Elevate your study’s precision and scope with our innovative solution.


Proactively monitor and detect a decline in physical reserves and vitality capacity before the person starts feeling it. Allowing a timely intervention before the onset of frailty.


Use objective biomarkers of Vitality Capacity to monitor rehabilitation, tracking individual responses and recovery across various treatments, medications, nutrition plans, physical therapy, and coaching. 

The Eforto System

The Eforto System enables the monitoring of grip strength, muscle fatigability, and self-perceived fatigue—key biomarkers for assessing vital capacity in prevention, rehabilitation, and clinical research.
This user-friendly system offers accurate and reliable data through its three main components:

Ergonomic Dynamometer: Superior usability and performance.

Eforto Mobile App: Validated self-testing in just 3 to 5 minutes.

Remote Monitoring Platform: Insightful metrics and data exchange.

Ideal for home and clinical settings, the Eforto System combines advanced technology with ease of use. Its portability and quick assessments ensure convenient health monitoring, while robust data reporting and integration options enable better decision-making and improved health outcomes. Experience the future of Vitality monitoring with Eforto—where innovation meets simplicity.

Eforto device

Superior usability and performance

Superior to dynamometer

The ergonomic bulb is superior compared to classic isometric dynamometers.  more

Usable by the weakest

With only 100g, Eforto is usable by even the weakest persons. Jamar is 7x heavier.

High Accuracy 

Medical grade pressure sensor with auto-calibration before each test. 

Mobile App

Validated (self-)testing in 5 min

Validated protocol

Validated protocol to assessing Vitality Capacity biomarkers in less than 5 minutes.

Results in 5 minutes

It takes less than 5 minutes to perform the validated test protocol and get your results.

Self-testing at home

Interactive guidance by the app allows self-testing for monitoring at home .

RPM platform

Monitoring with insightful metrics

Insightful reporting

Algorithms analyse test data automatically, providing results with traffic light coding.

Track evolution over time

Remote Monitoring with tracking the evolution of Eforto biomarkers over time.

Secure & interoperable

Compliant data processing with security and interoperability (API) by design.


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